YT-928-1型 电子自动上胶锤平机-锤平机-YT-928-1型 电子自动上胶锤平机
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YT-928-1型 电子自动上胶锤平机
机械特点 | Standard accessories:>
■该机器自动分边、上胶、锤平一次成型。提高工资效率,减少工序,一台机器相当十人作业,而且分边上胶均 匀,不伤面料。
1. The machine automatically parting, gluing and hammering once forming. To improve wage efficiency and reduce working procedures, a machine can be operated by ten people, and the edge is evenly glued without harming the fabric.
2. This machine adopts the hot melt rubber, can save the time of adding white glue and yellow glue pass the oven, besides.It conforma to therequirement of environmental protection.
3. The electronic control hot melt rubber temperature, the exceeding rubber flux adjustment is convenient; Through linght resistance automatically control rubber, the exceeding rubber flux is stably, accurate Speed at will.
4. This machine is suitable for different model busywork convenient adjustment easy formplo-yees to operate.
技术参数 | Special accessories:

型号 Model
YT-928-1型 电子自动上胶锤平机
机械尺寸(长宽高) Machine dimensions(LWH)
100 * 53 *110cm
电源电压 Supply voltage
重量 weight
包装重量 Package weight
电机功率 Motor power
总功率 power

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