YT-923-3型 中底包边机-包边机-YT-923-3型 中底包边机
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YT-923-3型 中底包边机
机械特点 | Standard accessories:>
1.Machine is suitable for all kinds of men and women sandals, slippers,sandals charter In the end the role of forming bag sewing machine.
2. Folding machine uses advanced institutions, fold flat and detailed.
3. Can pack 4mm-10mm thickness of the bottom reliable, easy to operate.
4. 5-10 times the efficiency of manual workload.Machine is suitable
技术参数 | Special accessories:

型号 Model
YT-923-3 中底包边机
机械尺寸(长宽高) Machine dimensions(LWH)
120 * 55 * 113cm
机器净重 Net weight
电机功率 Motor power

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