YT-298-1型 微电脑全自动上胶折边机-折边机-YT-298-1型 微电脑全自动上胶折边机
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YT-298-1型 微电脑全自动上胶折边机
机械特点 | Standard accessories:>
■折边宽度可调整3mm- -8mm ,可将补强一并折入。
1. Machine uses plastic folding operation on a single-chip control, the whole process work to achieve an intelligent.
2. Touch-control panel, sol temperature, the plastic flow, a plastic temperature digital display, a glue-free level adjustment.
3. Advanced folding body, easy to adjust easily, fold flat detail, width uniform,smooth, beautiful.
4. Fold width adjustable 3mm-8mm, can be folded into the
5. Reinforcement, fold automatically when the bend fold slower rate, so that operation was more perfect.
6. Has a function within the curved cutting tooth, the gum system, dual prot-ection, and excellent performance.
7. Operation of this machine in the fold, do not use self-adhesive can be readily available.
技术参数 | Special accessories:

型号 Model
机械尺寸(长宽高) Machine dimensions(LWH)
120 * 55 *128cm
包装尺寸(长宽高)Package dimensions(LWH)
折边宽度 Folding width
机器净重 Net weight
包装重量 Package weight
电机功率 Motor power
电源电压 Supply voltage

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